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Welcome to Sharma Fibre

Company Profile:  

Established in 1983, Sharma Enterprises is basically into the manufacturing of Fiber Re-Inforced plastic(FRP) material of various natures. 

Since around 30 years the firm is involved in the manufacturing of nature Cure and Panchakarma treatment items. After lot of Research and Development (R&D) under the guidance of qualified naturopathy Phusicians,the firm has developed wide range of nature Cure and Panchakarma treatment items especially of Hydrotherapy instruments. The R&D process is still in progress and we are hopeful to add few more treatment equipments, based on the scientific lines to make theTreatment more effective and complete in all respect. Besides this, we prepare the project Reports of naturopathy Centres/Hospitals/colleges of different range.The firm is also into the manufacturing of play School items like joggers, swings, cutous, dustbins etc. It is also dealing with FRP raw materials supply. With the increased demand for the fibreglass products,now the form has branched out. As a result the sister concern SHARMA INDUSTRIES came into existence,which is being operated from Bahadurgarh,Haryana.

Our esteemed customer include Swaraj mazda Company,leading and promiinent nature Cure hospitals & centres as well as Modern Medicine hospitals all over the country.

  • Established in 1983, Sharma Enterprises is manufacturing fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) material that includes fiber sheet, door, banches, dom, fiber shades, canopie, water park & industrial products etc.
  • Nature Cure and Panchakarma treatment item are developed.
  • Research & Development (R&D) is being done on Hydrotherapy instruments.
  • R&D is in progress to add more treatment equipments based on the scientific lines..
  • Suppliers of FRP Raw material and other therapy products.
  • Esteemed customers include Yoga Gram, Pitanjali, Gurukul Kangari Haridwar, Narayan Seva Sansthan Udaypur.
  • Kailash Hospital Noida, Sawraj Majda Ropar.


For Enquiry call us  - +91 9210053968 

Visit for more details - www.naturopathyequipments.com


Sharma Fibre